0820_FL-norfolk-virginia-skyline_2000x1125-1152x648Whether you’re an athlete, artist, gourmet, holidaymaker, reveller, shopper or wildlife watcher, Norfolk has something for you. This diverse East Anglian county is bordered by Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. To its north and east is 90 miles of unspoiled North Sea coastline, and tucked away in its north-west corner is The Wash: one of the biggest estuaries in the UK.

The stunning Broads National Park is a compelling reason for a visit to Norfolk, offering as it does some of the best scenery you’re ever likely to see. Replete with natural rural beauty, the county also offers a choice of traditional British seaside resorts in Great Yarmouth, Cromer, and Hunstanton. More cosmopolitan is the bustling county town of Norwich. A great choice of shops, restaurants, art galleries and museums awaits you there, plus a remarkable medieval cathedral.

If you’re still unsure as to why you should head east to Norfolk, this website aims to colour in much of the detail. It’ll help you plan a visit to suit your tastes. Browse these pages and you’ll find out a bit about the county’s culture, history and topography. Norfolk is superb for sporty types, too, with everything from scenic country roads for cyclists and runners to coastal cliffs for hang gliders and paragliders.

Visit Norfolk and you might even be in the company of none other than the Queen, who has her country home at Sandringham. If royalty fails to impress, you can follow in the footsteps of Admiral Horatio Nelson, one of Britain’s greatest military heroes, who was born at Burnham Thorpe. Victory shall always be yours in this wondrous county!